A True Love Triangle: Blue Flag Review

Who would you choose? Your lover or your friend?

Blue Flag – KAITO

KAITO Sensei’s school life romance, Blue Flag, is a total of 54 chapters that ran in Shonen Jump from February 2017 to April 2020 compiled into 8 volumes. It didn’t take long for Viz Media to hop on an English release of the series made available both digitally on the Shonen Jump app as well as print copies.

To escape my spoilers later on, before you pull up another tab and start reading on Shonen Jump, here’s a taste for those who don’t know about Blue Flag.

Apart from his small group of friends, Taichi Ichinose keeps to himself. In his final year of High School he finds himself sharing a class with Futaba Kuze and Toma Mita.

Futaba is your textbook definition of the small and meek, but is equal parts adorable. Taichi is very critical of Futaba and his friends actually point out that he is always on her case. He comes to realize that it’s because he sees Futaba as a reflection of himself in more ways than one.

On the other hand, Toma is the school’s it boy: The looks, the athletics, the personality, he’s got it all! As Toma’s popularity grew over the years following elementary school, so did Taichi’s self-consciousness as they drifted apart.

Chapter 1

Now that all three of them are in the same class, Futaba works up the courage to ask Taichi for help with confessing her feelings to Toma. At first, Taichi begrudgingly agrees to be Futaba’s aid, but as he gets to know her along the way he begins to develop feelings.

From an intro like that I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d think this story is just another stereotypical love triangle BUT-

What a lot of people forget about the construction of a triangle is that each point is connected.

Taichi’s developing feelings are NOT the twist; The true twist is the triangle itself.

Before I flip to the answers in the back of the book, this will be the spoilers check point moving forward.

If this is your cue to navigate away, thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!

Now class… let us continue-

In my years, “Love Triangle” has been used when the main character has to choose between two love interests. But this only leaves you with two pairings.

Bringing us back to the math I mentioned before, a triangle is connected at each of it’s three points.

Therefore, a True Love Triangle should have THREE parings: Futaba x Taichi, Futaba x Toma…

Chapter 1

Are you following my lead here class?

Futaba’s calm and collected best friend, Masumi Itachi, figured out the answer long before the rest of the class did. At the end of the first volume, she confronts Toma and asks if the person he’s really in love with is Taichi.

Chapter 5

Now this isn’t pulled out of thin air, Masumi knows this answer because she’s in the same boat. But with Futaba.

Chapter 5

Sitting there with my heart in my hands I asked myself… So, is this a triangle with a line sticking out? 😂

I was already hooked on the story from the first three free chapters given on the Shonen Jump app, so I already knew I’d see it through, but the way Sensei ended that first volume really was the line and sinker.

Chapter 10

Now, I will not insult anyone’s intelligence by giving a play-by-play of the entire story, because if you’ve gotten this far you could probably read it yourself or maybe you already have.

Although there are so many things I could say about Blue Flag, I’m going to give this post more structure than my braincell has for the sake of those reading.

For this review, I’ll wrangle my overall thoughts on the art, characters, and story.


Y’all know I’m a sucker for anything with pretty art, and Blue Flag was no exception.

Chapter 27

KAITO Sensei’s art style is closer to realism more often than not throughout the series. However, they still play on the comedic moments with an adorable chibi style from time to time.

Chapter 28

Two elements of their art style that stood out the most to me were the characters’ eyes and hands.

Chapter 46

If you’re looking for an example of the eyes being the windows to the soul, this is a great match. There is so much emotion packed into the designs that really hit home for a lot of scenes.

The delicacy of the way the hands were drawn also played on that realism factor I mentioned before. I blow a chef kiss every time I see them.

For the aesthetic manga shelf people out there, these covers are absolutely stunning and would be a lovely series to bring home.


There’s more than meets the eye with most if not all of the characters in this story.

The story made me check myself a couple times when characters outside of the main four were introduced, more specifically being Mami’s character.

Chapter 29

Initially, I thought that she was a character brought in as Futaba’s rival with her crush for Toma, but there was so much more to her character. Moving forward, that happened again with other characters as they were brought into the conversation more.

I like that as a reader each character’s perspective on the situations at hand made me take a moment to sit back and think. Rather than having this hive-mind mentality, a lot of conversations between them showed the reader how individualized their perceptions were.


I was NOT ready for the emotional roller coaster that was Blue Flag.

Blue Flag Volume 8

In my opinion, KAITO Sensei did an excellent job exploring the topics of love and relationships through this story in a society where the two are not as black and white as it’s made out to be.

As a reader, you get to see both sides of a conversation play out because you’re not the one participating in it.

Chapter 32

Touching back on the previous section, each character has their own conceptions of what love and relationships are to them and how they choose to express it.

There were a few chapters when the back and forth was long winded, but I think it was necessary for what they were discussing. Being a manga and not a conversation happening directly in front of me, I’m glad that KAITO Sensei didn’t sugarcoat either of the characters or cut conversations short. In this fictional world, we’re able to see conversations play out from an objective standpoint that we otherwise might not in our everyday lives.

One of my favorite chapters was experiencing Toma’s memories from childhood to present through his eyes at the end of volume seven. You don’t get to hear his dialogue aside from his thoughts as he’s reminiscing, but the responses and expressions of the character’s he’s interacting with speaks volumes. Personally, this is the first time I’ve read this kind of point-of-view story telling in manga and I think that KAITO Sensei executed it wonderfully.

Final Chapter

Despite the ten-foot pole I like to keep between me and online discourse, the topic of Blue Flag‘s ending is one that I’ve seen brought up a lot.

I didn’t expect for Futaba and Taichi’s romantic relationship to be forever, but I did think their friendship would definitely remain.

Chapter 53

Futaba being someone who Taichi sees as a reflection, that change he saw in her seemed like a change he wanted to see in himself too. Before the reveal, they also touched on having differing opinions on love and relationships. Neither of which are bad to me, so seeing that they chose to build their own happiness separately seemed very fitting for the views of their characters developed throughout.

While reading this story I was honestly prepping my heart with the possibility that Taichi wouldn’t end up with anyone and find that love and self-confidence in himself.

Final Chapter

The final chapter uses the same approach as chapter 48, and I didn’t expect any of the parings that were presented to us by the end. Honestly, It didn’t click for me until a little further into the chapter that it wasn’t Taichi’s point of view that we were seeing.

There’s a note at the end of the series from KAITO Sensei that says one of Blue Flag‘s themes is “characters struggling with their values” and Taichi’s choices are essentially the focal point of it all. The last choice of Taichi’s we are presented with in the end is intended to be thrown out at us as a question.

Final Chapter

“life is a never ending series of choices”

This is something that, looking back, comes up more than once in this story. Whether characters do or don’t, change or remain, love or like: they’re all choices.

As readers, we don’t get to see the choices each character made that led them to the future we’re shown through Toma’s eyes in the final chapter. And while I would’ve loved to see the developments that lead us there, I don’t think not seeing them was a bad choice on KAITO Sensei’s end.

I’ve seen some call the ending rushed, but when I sat and thought about the context of the story while making this post, it didn’t feel that way to me.

Chapter 23

The story takes us over 7 years into the future, and rather than just giving two powerpoint slides of where everyone ends up, or just not telling us at all with a “such is life” attitude; KAITO Sensei gives us a glimpse of life through Toma’s eyes.

Through this final chapter we see not only Toma’s happiness, but every character’s happiness.

The overarching message I got from Blue Flag‘s ending and overall story was this:

In a life made up of choices, regardless of how positive or negative others perceive them, all anyone can do is hope that the choices they make are the ones that will lead them towards their own idea happiness.

Final Chapter

The more I think about the ending contextualized with the message that I received while reading this story, the more beautiful it becomes in my eyes.

A thought provoking story composed of a well-rounded cast and topped off with a beautiful art style. I enjoyed my reading experience with KAITO Sensei’s Blue Flag.

Now, I have yet another series scribbled on to my long list of manga that I would love to see animated.

Thank you so much for reading if you made it this far through my ramblings! This post will hopefully be a proactive first step towards a video review of Blue Flag on my YouTube channel! Thanks again and see you next time!

P.S. There’s a bonus story of the future the print in Toma’s POV again with Taichi that I’ll be holding onto for the next forever

The first 3 chapters of the official English translation for KAITO Sensei’s Blue Flag are available for FREE (& the entire series with the subscription) on the Shonen Jump app/site here

Closing Time: Spring Anime ’21 Favorites

As the Spring Anime Season comes to a close, I wanted to make a post of my favorite gems this season! (Light Spoilers Ahead)

This was a season that was jam packed with flavor for sure and the summer season is fresh on it’s heels. So, before we say good bye, let’s take a look at some of my favorite gems from the Spring 2021 season.

Zombieland Saga : REVENGE

Streaming on Crunchyroll : MAPPA Studios

Starting out this post in the same way the season ended, with a BANG!

I’m not kidding… Yeah, it’s too soon… 🥴

Despite being left with my eyes wide and jaw on the actual floor, this MAPPA original really delivered on every possible aspect. The new back stories, songs, and visuals were truly something to behold.

Mood King… Mood…

Hat’s off to MAPPA for yet another amazing season, and with a cliffhanger like that, I hope to see more of FRANCHOUCHOU in the future.

Vivy : Flourite Eye’s Song

Streaming on Funimation : WIT Studios

I cried over robots so doggone much this season and this series in particular was 99% of the reason why.

From start to finish Vivy was packed with action and kept me on the edge of my seat. I really liked how they had multiple songs for Vivy’s character that showed up in the various openings.


Through my tear-filled eyes, I was glad to have some closure in the after credits to see that ending scene between Vivy and Matsumoto.

Fruits Basket : The Final Season



There is a plethora of unfinished Shojo Romance anime out there, and this reboot of Fruits Basket will truly set both the bar and tone for any future reboots and new adaptations. AS IT SHOULD.

Streaming on Crunchyroll & Funimation : TMS Entertainment

I believe that any future reboot deserves the Fruits Basket Treatment ™️, because seeing it fully adapted from start to finish was more than lovely.

Now I can rest easy as my ships sail into the grand blue for eternity.


Full Dive : The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Sh*ttier than Real Life!

If there was one show that made me laugh till my sides HURT, it was definitely Full Dive. Daiki Yamashita, also known for his role as Deku in My Hero Academia, did a stellar job as the main character, Hiroshi, in this series.


Even though, based on the light novel, there is more story to tell, I still think that the anime ended off in a place that could go either way. I’m not pressed for a second season, but if there is one what was I gonna do? Say no?

Mashiro no Oto : Those Snow White Notes

Streaming on Crunchyroll : Shin-Ei Animation

I can rant and rave about this anime from here to the moon AND BACK. The performances in this series had rewatching the episodes throughout the week at times just to listen to them again.

I really hope that this comes back for a second season with the place Setsu, the main character, has come to with his sound. Seeing that this still an ongoing series, currently on volume 27, I’m going to start my prayer circle after this post.

Odd Taxi

Streaming on Crunchyroll : OLM,  P.I.C.S.

Now I won’t lie, there was a time that I did fall off of Odd Taxi but I’m so happy I hopped right back in.

For me, it was slow to start, but once it started to pick up speed I was hooked for sure. The final episode turned me on my head because I was not expecting the twist at all. The opening is a whole vibe and the official music video for it is too.

Not sure of what will be come of this series but it’s plot was an interesting change of pace.

Shadows House

Streaming on Funimation : CloverWorks

A lot more than meets the eye with this one, and if you’re not watching closely you just might miss it. I know I did.

Another anime this season filled with unexpectedly pleseant twists and turns. Seeing Emilico and Kate’s bond grow from how it started in the first episode makes my heart so warm.

Le Upside Down 🙃

Didn’t see too many talking about this one throughout the season but I hope it does well enough to return.


Streaming on Crunchyroll : Zexcs

If I could do a backflip, I would.

It was only an announcement of a rhythmic gymnastics anime. No visual. No trailer. Just vibes and I already knew that I’d be 100% down for the cause. AND I WAS.

As someone who is no stranger to Sports anime, I was curious to see how this would play out. Studio Zexcs knew every single fiber the vibes when creating Bakuten and I’m still so happy with the execution of it all.


Bakuten had a healthy balance of sport and story; giving a season of fully animated performances while simultaneously investing me deeper into each of the characters is not the full course meal I come across too often in this genre. In addition to that, Yuki Hayashi, aka King of OSTs, really added a whole new layer to the feeling behind the scenes that made my heart soar just as high as the team during the performance.

After the final episode aired there was an announcement for a movie with details yet to be revealed. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that I will have my notifications on in sky high anticipation.

Sayonara Watashi no Cramer : Farewell, My Dear Cramer

Streaming on Crunchyroll : LIDENFILMS

Chihayafuru is my supreme Female-lead Sports anime series, and after this season I can see Cramer falling into that same vein.

Not only is this a show about Women’s soccer but it also touches the state on Women’s sports in general. Liden Films did a wonderful job with the animation and was a fun watch for me. I’m hoping for a return to see how these girls will continue to grow as a team, especially since this series is 14 volumes long.

86 : Eighty-Six

Streaming on Crunchyroll : A-1 Pictures

Remember that missing 1% of the reasons why I was crying about robots. Well here it is.

I felt just like the 86 watching this because it was a set up. A WHOLE SET UP. I don’t think there was one episode that didn’t have me overflowing with emotions whether it was sadness, rage, or both.


I’m really interested to see how good sis Lena will move from now on with the flaming furnace in her eyes at the end the last episode. Only time will tell as we wait for the next segment slated for this October.

The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

Streaming on Funimation : Diomedéa

The final series of this post is one that was 3000% GIVING.

I think the reason why I enjoyed it so much was because it gave me vibes similar to Snow White with the Red hair. Smart and strong-willed women, a non-toxic and supportive male love interest, topped with dollop of comedy. We love to see it.

I’m glad to see shows geared towards older audiences featuring older characters, such as this, are starting to come into production more frequently. This is another series that I’m hopeful for future seasons since it is an on-going light novel series. Begins making prayer circle.

Lots of lovely gems this season that I clearly had a blast watching 🥳 Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Let’s get Digital : Manga Subscriptions

There’s something about being able to hold a manga in my hands and cry into a good story as I flip through the pages, but there are a times when my wallet has had enough. So let’s take the time to appreciate the unsung heroes of my bank account: Digital Manga Subscriptions.

Since I cover the growth of my physical manga shelf through YouTube videos, I wanted to give my virtual manga shelf some time to shine in this post with the platforms I’ve been using lately for reading digitally.

To start us off we have ComiXology. I’d like to bless the powers that be at Kodansha Comics USA for connecting with this platform. There are now over 500 titles from this publisher available to borrow with the ComiXology and/or Kindle Unlimited monthly subscription. So, for roughly $6/month I definitely read more than my fair share.

I got the free trial to see how I liked it and I’m hooked. In addition to that, when Kodansha has their sales on volumes not included in the subscription, they’re a great place to pick up and read those titles. Here are some of the series I’ve borrowed and liked so far:

Futekiya is an 18+ digital library of BL titles that is accessible through subscription as well. Anytime I go to start a subscription I want to make sure that I’m going to be getting my money’s worth. So when I found out about their 6-month plan for $30 I thought about it this way: Most BL titles I buy range from $10-15, so three volumes would end up being the same price as this service. On top of that, Futekiya gives me access to more than enough titles to last me through 6 months, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting my money at all. Here are the my three most recent reads from the library:

My first manga subscription service was with Shonen Jump and I still use it to this day. For under $3 a month I get access to the entire virtual vault that continues to grow. Outside of the weekly serialized titles there are some other series that are included in the vault. Since it’s not a surprise by now that I read Jujutsu Kaisen through the app, here are some other titles that I’ve read so far:

Overall, I’m very satisfied with these subscriptions month to month; I always feel like I’m getting everything I pay for if not more out of these plans with the amount that I’m reading on them. All of these services have some sort of free trial period so definitely take advantage of that if you’re considering any of these.

Trying to make sure I keep up with this blog again, so thanks for reading and see you next time!

Spring 2021 Week Day Anime

Siri launch Crunchyroll & Funimation

This year’s selection of anime, both adaptations and originals, really hit the ground running with the winter season. Now that at least one episode of everything that I planned to watch has aired, I’ve finally planned out my weekly watchlist and she sure is thique one.

Since my watchlist is so long, I’m going to dedicate this post to the shows I watch Monday – Thursday, and have a separate post for my Friday – Sunday Weekend anime.

The Spring Anime Season has held the notorious reputation of being the season that thankfully puts me on its back and carries me through the rest of my school’s semester before the Summer. So, let’s see how I’ll exercise good ole escapism through fiction for this season, shall we?

To start the week, we take it back to the year 1923 with Mars Red.

Game Mobile 'Mars Red: Kawataredoki no Uta' Diumumkan - News+ on RCTI+
Streaming on Funimation

With the numbers of vampires increasing, “Code Zero” is a special unit with the task of taking them down, and who better to do so than vampires themselves?

The main character, Maeda Yoshinobu, is voiced by THEE Suwabe Junichi which put me to my KNEES as soon as he spoke. The power. King aside, what really drew me into Mars Red was the Animation and OST. The first episode looked like it was something out of a movie rather than a weekly series which took me aback in the best way.

On a completely opposite note, we have ODD TAXI

TV Anime [Odd Taxi] Trailer #1 (2021) | Anonesan - YouTube
Streaming on Crunchyroll

This series focuses around Odokawa who looks like an ordinary taxi driver on the surface, but seems to have a bit of a complex past. The story takes some detours with the stories of his various passengers, but to me, I keep feeling like something’s off each episode.

When I say “off” I don’t mean in a bad way, more like an unsettling feeling. I’m not sure what it is but in these past two episodes there’s always something that throws me at the end, so I’m interested to see where it goes.

Speaking of Animals, who would I be if I didn’t watch the Final Season of Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket to Premiere Final Season Early on Funimation
Streaming on Crunchyroll (sub) & Funimation (dub)

It has been beautiful to watch this story be fully animated and as we enter the final leg of this story the tea gets hotter and hotter. It seems like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Akito’s character in this season and even though I am slightly ashamed, I am staring directly.

This reboot has truly coined the phrase “The Fruits Basket Treatment” because they’ve really set the bar for any reboot that comes after this in my opinion. Stares directly at all the unfinished shojo anime of my childhood.

Have you ever been rejected, decided to shave, and then take in a runaway? Me neither, but that’s what happens to Yoshida in Higehiro.

Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway  to stream on Muse Asia
Streaming on Crunchyroll

Despite being drunk out of his mind coupled with the fresh feeling of rejection, Yoshida comes across Sayu on the street near his place, he doesn’t have the heart to just leave the girl to the dogs, so he gives her a place to stay.

My question is, just HOW wrinkled were Yoshida’s shirts because I swear his co-workers love to point out that his shirts are ironed every time and I have to laugh.

Ever wanted a pottery anime? Well we’ve got one now with Let’s Make a Mug Too

Qoo News] “Let's Make a Mug Too” Pottery Manga Gets TV Anime - QooApp
Streaming on Crunchyroll

Showcasing the city of Tajimi in Japan’s Gifu Prefecture, follow a high school pottery club of adorable girls while learning more about the history of their craft in the area.

It’s only been a couple of episodes but there’s nothing to read too much into with this show, it’s simply just cute. The character designs and the dynamics between them are adorable. I enjoy watching them and learning a little bit more than I did before each time.

Oh my gosh I’m still on Mondays…

Instead of falling to his death, Amakusa falls in love with Arima in Koikimo

Streaming on Crunchyroll

Smooth talking salaryman, Amakusa, instantly falls in love with Arima after she saves his life. Even though Arima continues to shoot Amakusa down with insults and jabs he continues to press on and show his love.

When a show has a boppin’ opening song, I know I have to stick around. It’s only been two episodes so far but it’s been an interesting watch, so let’s see if it lasts through the season for my watchlist.

My Monday’s finally end with a To Your Eternity

Fumetsu no Anata e TV Anime Adaptation Announced for October - Otaku Tale
Streaming on Crunchyroll

An immortal being is sent to earth that starts with no emotions nor identity is able to take the shape of those around that have strong energy. Starting out as an Orb, over time it imitates various inanimate forms until it eventually becomes a wolf and gains consciousness.

This show came out of left field and hit me with a freight train full of emotions IN THE FIRST EPISODE. It’s been a while since I’ve had physical tears come from my eyes and I should’ve known to prepare a roll of tissues since this is the same mangaka who wrote A Silent Voice.

I’ve been putting off reading the manga because I wanted to just have the fresh feeling of a storyline, but I was NOT expecting that at all. The story coupled with a beautifully composed score and Kenjiro Tusda’s butter-like vocals as a narrator, I am very excited to see where this story goes.

Now we can FINALLY move on to Tuesdays

My only program for this day is The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent Releases Trailer
Streaming on Funimation

Snatched from her everyday office life, Sei is summoned to another world calling for a “Saint” to banish dark magic. However, they got a Two-for-One Special with this ritual because there were two people instead of one.

So who won the people’s choice awards you ask?

Well of course it was- NOT THE MAIN CHARACTER

And you know what? I’m glad they didn’t choose Sei to be their “Saint” because now she has all the time to be great and secure this business bag.

Possibly a foine mans too, but this bread comes first.

I was completely turned on my head when I started Full Dive on Wednesday

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real  Life! - Watch Episodes for Free - AnimeLab
Streaming on Funimation

Instead of the new release that he set out to get, Hiro gets swindled into buying the full dive RPG Kiwame Quest that, quite literally, takes reality to its extremes. Now, listen… this first episode TOOK. ME. OUT. I was not expecting that at all, but I sure know that I can expect one wild ride this season for sure.

Osamake: Romcom where the childhood friend won’t lose is my other out of pocket show this season.

Ranobe Sugoi (+) on Twitter: "[Official] Shuuichi Nimaru x Shigureui's  "Osananajimi ga Zettai ni Makenai Love Comedy" (The Romantic Comedy Where  The Childhood Friend Won't Lose!) light novel will be getting a
Streaming on Crunchyroll

Not reading the description, per usual, I kind of just threw this on to see what it was about. Assuming that the male lead was supposed to be the childhood friend in question by the cover, but to my surprise, it’s the girl and sis is mad forward. Respect.


Zombie Land Saga Season 2 Releases New Trailer and Poster
Streaming on Crunchyroll

My Thursdays are brightened with the return of Zombie Land Saga. The ladies of FRANCHOUCHOU are back and better than ever with their second season. Mappa never fails to amaze me with their productions and this is no exception. I’m also happy to see our producer-singer-songwriter-choreographer-MUA-MVP Kotaro in full swing once again.

This next show has to be the sparkliest of them all this season

Ikémen fangirl on Twitter: "Update: TV anime - Fairy Ranmaru Fairy Ranmaru:  Anata no Kokoro Otasuke Shimasu (Fairy蘭丸~あなたの心お助けします~) On Air: April 2021  Website: https://t.co/bfICKCOwFC Twitter: https://t.co/I9syWH2rVF PV:  https://t.co ...
Streaming on Crunchyroll

The five men of “Bar F” are sent from their world to heal and “steal” the hearts of their clients in Fairy Ranmaru. I really just throw this one on and let the vibes roll.

To end this post we have the show that has snatched every fiber of my being and soul – BAKUTEN!! (yes, with TWO exclamation points)

Streaming on Crunchyroll

Men’s. Rhythmic. Gymnastics. SOUND THE ALARRRMMMMMM

If you’ve been around my content you know just how much I absolutely 100% ADORE sports anime. It’s only been two episodes and Bakuten!! is already steadily rising on my list of sports anime I love because it gives me EVERYTHING.

Streaming on Crunchyroll

From the jump, we get to see a fully animated routine and the backflips just keep on coming. All of the characters and the dynamics they share are *Chef Kiss*. The opening song is done by Centimillimental, aka the MASTER of Given, and it immediately filled me with a flood emotions. On top of it all, a lovely OST curated by THEE Hayashi Yuki who has made OSTs for some of my other favorite Sports anime such as Welcome to The Ballroom, Run With the Wind, and Haikyuu!!

Talk about FLAVOUR *aggressive chef kiss*

So this ends my Weekday Watchlist from Monday to Thursday for this anime season. I’m already working on my Weekender post that covers Friday to Sunday! Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Spring 2021 Weekend Watchlist

Ready for round two???

With a season that’s this jam packed with such amazing stories there were so many I wanted to try! Picking up where we left off in my previous post, it is time to cover the weekend section of my watchlist this season.

I start my Fridays with Mashiro No Oto : Those Snow White Notes

Streaming on Crunchyroll

After the death of his grandfather, shamisen musician, Setsu, makes his way to Tokyo in search of his own sound. The first two episodes of this show swept me off my feet with its mesmerizing combination of animation and music. As someone who plays instruments and has a deep love for music as well, something about music anime just has a whole other layer of feeling and emotion attached to them.


I was already hooked from the performance in the first episode, but the second episode made it all the better. The scene where Setsu accompanies his mother’s singing and the duet with his brother set my soul on fire. Not only did it showcase the relationships he has with them through storytelling but through the pieces themselves.

I think it’s clear that I am a ultra Stan of this show lol

Burning Kabaddi is another sports anime for the winnnnn~

Makoto Furukawa joins the cast of Burning Kabaddi Sports TV Anime - Finance  Rewind
Streaming on Crunchyroll

Tatsuya was the star soccer player back in middle school, but now that he’s in high school he decides to break all ties with the sports world. Or so he thought.

Y’all know we stan sports anime in this house, so of course, I had to try Burning Kabaddi and become completely invested in this team. Third-Year Vice Captain Kei’s energy is the very thing I LIVE for. Very OHSHC Kyoya if you feel me.

I guess they really are a transformer…

SSSS Dynazenon Episode 1 Release Date, Spoilers, Watch English Dub Online
Streaming on Funimation

SSSS. Dynazenon is this season’s mecha anime which is a genre I find myself weaving in and out of from time to time. In the first episode, I wasn’t sure what exactly was going on but it kind of grew on me when I threw up the second episode on a whim. But anytime they link up I can’t help but yell:


I love it when school girls navigate the world of emotions while fighting mistic beings.

Blue Reflection Ray anime announced - Gematsu
Streaming on Funimation

At the time of me writing this I’ve only seen one episode of Blue Reflection Ray and I’m not fully invested as of yet, but I’m interested to see how it goes. Watching the first episode I kept thinking “why does this feel familiar?” and soon as the pink hair popped out I was like “OHHHH Puella Magi Madoka Magica.” Not to say that it’s a carbon copy because when I see that said about different series it grinds my gears.

Moving on to Saturdays


Tokyo Revengers' Anime Finally Announced For Next Year – OTAQUEST
Streaming on Crunchyroll

Takemichi finds out that his ex-middle-school-girlfriend was just killed by a now villainous group known as the Tokyo Manji Gang. He has quite literally hit rock-bottom when he suddenly time-leaps back to his middle school days!! To save Hinata, and change the life he spent running away, Takemichi must aim for the top of Kanto’s most sinister delinquent gang!!

Now, if you’ve been anywhere near my instagram page you know just how much I have been waiting for this anime. I started the manga a while back and when I got a comiXology subscription (which you can read almost all the volumes on) I could NOT put it down and read it all in the span of 24 hours. The English release is now on volume 20 (where I’m currently at) and that’s only two volumes behind the Japanese release.

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Soon as the first episode made its rounds online, all I could see were posts writing it off as “just another Erased“… *grinding of my gears*

One of my fears is coming off as an elitist manga reader when I comment on things like this and Jujutsu Kaisen because I’m at a point way past where a majority of people are starting with the anime. But do people realize that Erased did not pioneer the time travel trope??? I didn’t see people calling Erased another Future Diary, RE:Zero, etc. based on the very first episode.

I slowly find myself distancing from online communities for this quick on the draw comparison of series, rather than giving a story a chance before trying to see if it holds a candle to another one that has surface-level similarities

But that might be a topic for another day…

Continuing to keep my seatbelt on securely for my Saturday rides because 86 : Eighty-Six knocked me off my feet right out the gate.

Sci-Fi Military Anime 86 EIGHTY-SIX Gets April 10 Release Date, New  Trailer, More Details
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Warfare now has a brand new look in the Republic of San Magnolia with their use of autonomous units which are remotely directed and controlled by “Handlers.” The public is under the assumption that this war is just machines against machines but that’s not the case. These units are actually made up of HUMAN pilots known to the government as “Eighty-Sixers.”

It didn’t take me long to get hooked on this show from the story alone, and I can’t wait to see more.

My Hero Academia is back and baby it’s Shinso Season. PERIOD.

My Hero Academia: Season 5 US Release Date Revealed - IGN
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I wanted to see what was happening after season 4, so I’ve read up to where this arc of Class A VS. B ends, and I kind of wish that I waited for it. Nonetheless, I absolutely LOVE Shinso’s character and can’t wait for the world to see him shine!!!

These kids built different

Shadows House Episode 1: Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online
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Shadows House is about the various faceless shadow nobles living in, what seems to be, one large mansion. They are accompanied by their living dolls who serve their masters without question.

The first shadow and doll pair they showed were Kate and Emilco, but when I watched the episode I found them to look very similar. Kate told Emilico that the dolls are their faces in one scene so it kind of makes me wonder if they are supposed to be the same.

The song that they showed at the end of the first episode was one of the most intricate that I’ve seen this season and I love to see it. The show’s concept is different from anything that I can recall, so I’m excited to meet the other shadows and their dolls.


Freshest News: Pretty Boy Detective Club key visual
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Pretty Boy Detective Club is made up of the five overwhelmingly beautiful boys of the exclusive Yubiwa Academy Middle School. The visuals in this show were AMAZING, from the character designs all the way down to the sand. I’m here for the chaos of these fabulous five and ready to see how it goes.

Honey if you like him just say that…

Uva means Grape, so I am Grape The Grape
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Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro is about a girl who loves to bully her senpai, Naoto. I know that people are probably already on Nagatoro’s case because sis goes SEVERAL steps TOO far with her antics.

I’ve Been Killing Slimes 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level is another female-lead isekai for the WIN

‘I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level’
Streaming on Crunchyroll

After salarywoman Azusa literally works herself to death, an angel appears before her allowing her to reincarnate into an immortal witch so she live out her next life as slowly and leisurely as possible. BIG MOOD.

First of all, she looks GOOD, living her best life, and I love to see it. The first episode had me giggling all the way and with an ending like that I can’t wait to see more.

My Saturdays come to an end with Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song

Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song Archives - Anime News Hub
Streaming on Funimation

Nirland is an entertainment singing AI who has now been tasked with correcting history to prevent the war between AI and humanity set to take place a century in the future. The first minute of the show alone was enough to drop my jaw, and every episode that I’ve seen after that does the same thing.

My Sunday morning program Moriarty The Patriot has also returned for the second half of the season.

Download Yuukoku no Moriarty 2nd Season - AniDL
Streaming on Funimation

The introduction of some newer characters had me staring DIRECTLY. Oh my dear sweet gee. It’s only been a few episodes, but I love it when Production IG gets in their bag like this.

The English release for the manga just got to volume 3, so I will definitely have to read that. Since there is a lot of parts that gets left out of the manga I like to go back and read it, but I still really enjoy watching the anime.

Ending my weekend and this post on a high note with Farewell, My Dear Cramer

Your lie in April Mangaka's 'Farewell, My Dear Cramer' gets a TV anime and  Anime Movie - SGCafe
Streaming on Crunchyroll

From the creator of Your Lie in April, comes an anime centered around the Women’s Football Association. Nozomi is a talented player and spent her middle school years on the boy’s team. As she and her teammates grew older she began to the physical difference between them, but that didn’t stop her. Going into high school, her coach urged her to join the girls team, so that one day she can aim for a future at the top of the Women’s Football Association.

Farewell, My Dear Cramer' Soccer TV Anime Reveals More Cast, Visual – News  – Articlexyz.com
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Even though I’m wary of my heart since this is the same mangaka who wrote Your Lie in April, I’m really enjoying this series so far. Female-led sports anime like these make me so happy to see. Sadly, more realistic sports animes like these don’t the attention I think they deserve, and immediately get compared to ones that are high-action and/or fast-paced. Also, it makes me wonder if the series focusing on women is another factor to this as well. I feel like this will end up being one of those shows I carry the banner for on my own like Chihayafuru and Tsurune, but that’s fine with me!

*aggressively waves Warabi Seinan flag*

Well, that wraps up everything that I am watching this season as of now. I’m very excited to see where these shows go and which one’s I’ll see through to the end of the season. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!

“For The Love of Music” : Given Film Adaptation Review

“Even if we move further and further apart… I hope that at least the music remains.”

United by their love for music, Uenoyama, Mafuyu, Haruki, and Akihiko form the band “Given.” Despite the struggles and conflicts these characters face both together and apart, their bond between each other and music always brings them back together.

Natsuki Kizu Sensei’s Given is an ongoing manga series that started back in 2013. This series was later adapted into an 11-episode TV anime that covered about 15 chapters.

More recently known for their adaptations of Umibe no Etranger and Twittering Birds Never Fly, Blue Lynx was in charge of the film sequel to Given’s TV anime. This past February, the English subtitled version was made available on Crunchyroll’s premium streaming service.

I’ve been following the English release via SuBLime manga, and last month volume 5 of the series was released. So, now that I’ve both read the manga and seen the anime adaptations, I feel like I have an even better picture of the series up to this point.

“Alexa, play Yorugaakeru”

*peeps mafuyama in the background*

Let the ranting begin—

From the promotion alone, it was clear that the film would be covering the second arc of the story with Haruki and Akihiko taking center stage.

Picking up where the TV anime ended (approx. chapter 15), the story has mainly surrounded the relationship between Mafuyu and Uenoyama. However, with subtle hints towards the relationship of Haruki and Akihiko simmering in the background, it wasn’t a surprise when the story began to shift gears towards them.

Both and volume five and the film ended in the same place. And given the 59-minute runtime of the film, I believe it was a solid adaptation.

With a runtime like that, of course some scenes from the manga didn’t make it into the film. That being said, none of the scenes that I recall being cut hindered the storytelling for this arc of Haruki and Akihiko.

One part that stuck out to me was Ugetsu’s character.

Side Note: As someone with a musical background I was geeking out because the animation for the violin scenes were *AGGRESSIVE CHEF KISS*

If I’m being completely honest, before watching the movie all I remembered about his character was: “who is this pretty man trying to sink my ship?!” 😂

I went back and re-watched the first season before pressing play on the movie and noticed that it wasn’t until this arc that I got to explore Ugetsu’s character as a reader/viewer.

I’ve seen the slander and I understand that he’s not everyone’s favorite… But I can’t bring myself to hate Ugetsu.

Yes… I said it…

“Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s autumn leaves” *in Maybelline commercial noises*

Looking back, my biggest thing was that Ugetsu didn’t show malice or ill-will towards Haruki. Ever. So for that reason, in my eyes at least, I couldn’t simply write him off as this “evil” character.

Now, this little game of “relationship tug-of-war” that Ugetsu and Akihiko had going on was the absolute BANE of my existence. Not only was it just overall messy to me, but it also dragged other characters OUTSIDE OF THE RELATIONSHIP into the fold.

Had to bring in the mop and clean it up chile…

After taking several rides on this emotional rollercoaster, it made me realize just how much I missed watching this series. Once the movie finished it was kind of like a hole in my heart had re-opened that I didn’t even know was there.

I’m honestly just overjoyed with the fact that both the manga and anime adaptations of the series are available in English to begin with!

There haven’t been any announcements yet, but I hope the film was well enough received for a season two in the future!

If you made it through that mess of a rant, thank you so much! 😂💕 Trying to do at least one blog post a month, so let’s see if I can keep it up! ☺️

Given by Natsuki Kizu Sensei is available in English print & digital through SuBLime Manga, and the English sub for the TV anime & sequel film adaptations are available to stream on Crunchyroll.

Ranting With A Dash of Updates

Long time no see huh... Well, let’s attempt to turn word vomit into a post Class. 😅

As a Black girl growing up, I didn’t use social media nor did I know where to look for anime fan spaces.

Looking back, I’m kind of glad I didn’t at that age…*continues to burry grade school memories*

It wasn’t until my (now) 20s, that I started to see anime/manga accounts featuring Black Women.

In the midst of a pandemic, like many others, I decided to put my big girl pants on and start my own YouTube Channel.

The main premise of my channel was to be a place where I could talk about anime and manga to people who actually knew what those two things were, but I also had the hopes of being the person I never got to see growing up.

Using this name, being a woman, and on top of it all being Black, I expected negativity from the beginning.

Bit by bit, as my channel started to grow, every so often there would be a comment that would just get under my skin.

I despised myself for letting something as trivial as a comment, from someone that I don’t even know, rile me up. Especially when there was (and still is) so much kindness and support for my content.

Through this experience of starting a channel I realized many things:

  • People are going to think what they want
  • You’re not the only person that gets hate
  • You’re not obligated to please anyone
  • Life goes on 💜
  • Be a duck

Whether it be positive or negative, I am still thankful for every single moment in this journey (so far 😉) because it has helped me grow.

At least, that’s what I think…

Now it’s been a long time coming, but I decided to take a break from making videos.

With the Shibuya Incident arc in Jujutsu Kaisen ending and having already posted my haul video for the month, it felt like all the signs were there.

One thing I never wanted was for me to start feeling like my channel was a chore. In my opinion, a mindset like that would only hinder me mentally and the quality of my content.

I truly am thankful for all the kindness and support towards my channel thus far. Especially since I walked into this thinking that it wouldn’t even take off the ground or reach this many people in the slightest.

During this time, I hope to not only get my actual life together; but to also reflect on the state of my channel and myself as a creator.

As for my little corner of the blogosphere

With everything going on, this blog fell through the cracks, and honestly don’t show her enough love.

*kisses blog gently*

I want to put more here, so maybe take some time to write about a manga/manhwa/anime that I enjoyed that month?

We’ll just cross that bridge when we get there… 😅

For anyone who actually sat here and read through… *looks at word vomit above*

Whatever that was

Thank you and I’ll see you around! 💕

Jujutsu Kaisen 120 : I can’t believe…

*screams into void* NANAMIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~

…. I can’t believe that Sensei has done this to us…

Seeing Yuji Itadori crying was more than enough to put me on the edge, but then Sensei went and threw on Nanami getting taken out in front of Itadori’s eyes…

Itadori’s definitely going into a battle with not only Mahito but his emotions as well.

Having to recall all of those memories from Sukuna’s destruction at once and already having to carry the weight of his actions is more than enough to put Itadori in a state of rage.

Every time I read a series where the main character is going into a battle with pent up emotions, it usually doesn’t end well.

I’m really hoping that Itadori pulls through this battle on the winning side, but right now it’s not looking too good.

Chapter 121 comes out September 13th, So that’s when I’ll record the next one!!!

continues to cry 😭😭😭😭

Jujutsu Kaisen : Chapter 120 By Gege Akutami
READ FREE & OFFICIALLY : https://www.viz.com/shonenjump/chapters/jujutsu-kaisen
Credits and rights to Jujutsu Kaisen creator Gege Akutami

August 2020 Manga Haul

Let’s re-organize my manga shelf together…. again 🙃 shall we 💀 Going through and showing y’all the titles that I picked up this past month 💕

A great site that helps people avoid possible content triggers in shows, movies, and books called ‘Does The Dog Die’ it’s also has a decent amount of manga & anime as well https://www.doesthedogdie.com/

Thank you Sensei for your beautiful and hard work!!! 先生たちありがとうございました🙇🏽‍♀️💕 & Thank you to the english manga publishing companies & teams that work and make it possible for us to read these titless!!

Yes, I know that Bloom is a Graphic Novel, shhhhhhh 🤫

Titles in this video:

Whew chile…

Thank you for watching and supporting my channel !! 💕

August Videos & Updates

Wrap of of August Videos & Some updates for my channel’s future 💕

Here are my remaining Videos for August 2020

Updates Moving Forward:

  • Thank you so much for watching your support so far, and I hope that you continue to enjoy my content 🥰
  • I’ve started back at University for my final year (yayy)
  • I will be cutting back on the amount of videos that I will be recording and uploading as I get back into the swing of things
  • September Videos to look out for :
    • Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter Updates (date depends on the SJ schedule)
    • August 2020 Manga Haul (~posted~)
    • Fall 2020 Anime Season Kick Off (looking to post towards the end of the month)

💕 Thank you again for watching and your support!! 💕

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